Board of Directors

Aziz Bootwala


Marnie Courage

Marnie is a subject expert on home modifications and new accessible housing features.

She is passionate about disability advocacy and elevating accessibility standards and guidelines through contributions to CSA/ASC’s Accessible Dwellings Standard and the Accessible Outdoor Spaces Standard.

As founder of Incluzia, she works collaboratively on projects offering a disability inclusion and accessibility lens.

Jason Dalton (he/him)

Occupational Therapist / Chair of Board.

Working in the domain of human performance and inclusion in workplace and home. Passionate in subject areas involving Accessibility, Human Diversity, Disability, Inclusion, Health, Wellness, Human Factors/ Ergonomics, Universal Design for Learning.

A proponent for Universal Design Principles, Goals, and Processes for a more inclusive and sustainable design outcome.

Pamela Dempster

Certified Professional Ergonomist (CCPE)

Ramesh Gulatee

  • Ramesh is a seasoned architect with practice licensures in Canada & USA and where he focuses on design integration of a sustainable accessibility in to the living environment. (timeline follows)
  • Montreal’1995: Design of a CMHC sponsored universal access housing facility for the Canadian WW2 veterans.
  • Chicago’1997: Approached by an architecture firm to leverage acquired know how              on projects with focus for accessibility beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act/ADA.
  • Boston’2008: Sponsor: Accessibility resolution “Universal Design” at the AIA convention which upon adoption became its policy statement on accessibility.
  • Wash. DC’2010: Participant: National Accessibility Summit on the 30th anniversary of the ADA. Universal Design was chosen as 1 of 7 strands for discussions.
  • Canada/USA Affiliation with a US accessibility organization to facilitate live/learn/work/play aspects of an individual/family &community through care planning solutions i.e., financial, educational, healthcare, transportation, residential more.
  • To learn more, please visit. www.lifecaredesignstudio.com

Alica Jarvis

  • Alicia is a Senior Product Manager at Bell.
  • She solves problems at the intersection where business goals, human needs, & technology meet.
  • Following the War Amps philosophy of “amputees helping amputees,” as well as, taking a human-centered and research-informed approach, her background allows her to see products as experiences and treat them as such.
  • She has more than 13 years of professional experience contributing to all stages of the product and design life cycles — from running discovery research to leading international programs.
  • She has a proven passion for developing innovative solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of human needs.
  • To learn more about Alicia please visit her website:
Home – Alicia.Design

Thea Kurdi

CPABE Level 2 Associate (IAAP) Built Environment Accessibility and Universal Design Specialist. Living with Disabilities. President of DesignABLE Environments.

Dr Lynn Shaw

Professor / Researcher Occupational Therapy

Philip Strong

Accessibility Specialist